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Garden Family Farm is a 50 acre farm located just south of Riva road in Davidsonville, Md.  Half of our farm is native grass pastures that we rotationally graze our cattle in a way to simulate grassland systems. The other half is old growth forest teaming with life and gently groomed by our heritage hogs. We try to maintain as much bio diversity as possible in a to attempt keep the land in balance and strengthen the ecosystem. 

Our Animals 

With all of our livestock our main goal is to raise a natural healthy animal. We have chosen all of the breeds for taste, benefits of the meat vs conventional animals, and what works best for our land. We try not to focus as much on a pure breed as much as a combination of traits that will produce the best results.














Ossabaw Island Pork

The pride and joy of our farm is our Ossabaw Island hog herd. We raise all of our hogs from birth to finish on our farm. Ossabaws are a breed that arrived in on Ossabaw Island, GA in the 1500s after being dropped off there by Spanish sailors. Believed to be from the world famous Iberico pigs of southern Spain. The Ossabaws flourished on the Georgia island and through natural selection made one of the best tasting hogs in the world. Our hogs are raise as close to how they would live in nature with a forage based diet or pasture and plenty of acorns and hickory nuts from our forests. You can taste the flavor difference in hogs that eat a more natural diet. The result is a pork that is deep red and a fat that is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids than any other pork.














Heritage Grass-Fed Beef


We raise two type of cattle on the farm. Scottish Highlands and Longhorn/Highland Cross Cattle. We use these two breeds for their ability to efficiently convert forage into high quality marbled omega-3 rich beef. We also love the fact that these grass eating machines can help us sequester carbon trapped in the atmosphere and help convert it to healthy rich soils.

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