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At Garden Farm we believe that the health of a community starts with the health of our local ecosystem. In taking care of the health of our land we in turn are able to raise health happy livestock . This results in meat that is nutrient dense and is also superior in flavor from anything avaiable at the grocery store. Our goal is to provide for our livestock in a way that nature intended. This means a grass based system that does not rely on miles of monoculture corn and soybeans but rather a polyculture approach to agriculture thats focus is biodiversity. Its not about producing the most but rather producing the best!

The Farmer: Nathanael Gregg is the farmer of Garden Family Farm. As a child Nathan grew up in rural Ohio learning a love of farming and food from his Appalachian grandparents. He is a French trained chef with experience in NYC and DC which gives him an eye for quality meat and produce. He has extensive experience in sustainable agriculture and multispecies rotational grazing.


The Landowners: Garden Family Farm is owned by Dr. Richard and Shannon Garden. As children both loved their experiences with nature and growing up around horse farms. Richard and Shannon had a dream of creating a family farm where their children could be close to their grandparents and also experience a life in the country.




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